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Our pet boutique is dedicated to the hard-to-find pet accessories. We have a range of apparel and accessories that will add style and flare to your pets. Our pet boutique staff are experts in the latest  products available to our industry and are more than willing to help you find the right clothing or toys to make your pets look fabulous! We hope you'll find something here that'll make your pet extraordinary.


At Posh Pooch we have a wide variety of apparel and accessories to make your pet as stylish as you desire.  We collaborate with top designers like Susan Lanci Designs Inc., A Cheerful Pet, Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture, Scooters Friends Couture and much more to give you the best in clothing styles and accessories to choose from.

Winter is coming, new coats and sweaters have arrived!  Stop in today to pick up some cozy apparel for your pampered pet!

Susan Lanci Designs, Inc. 

Providing fine things for small dogs and the people that love to spoil them. We have fashionable outfits and accessories to transform your pet chic and luxurious.



A Cheerful Pet: 

The members at A Cheerful Pet love our pets. Our goal is to provide your pets with unique, fun and colorful products. Our products are designed in America and then handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Each piece is individually handmade with 100% all natural New Zealand wool. Therefore, each product you receive will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of art!




Isabella Cane

A full line of designer dog collars, designer dog beds, dog toys, dog sweaters, dog bowls and designer dog leashes. Providing luxury accessories for dogs and their people. 





Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture

Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture is the ultimate fashion house for discerning pets and their owners.  Offering an elegant line of apparel and accessories, Oscar Newman is committed to delivering exclusive, irresistibly distinctive fashions for an upscale clientele.




Scooters Friends Couture

Our meticulous workmanship and attention to detail set us apart. On top of that, we use high performance fabrics for the utmost in protection. Scooters Friends' entire product line is made in the USA and our collection of functional and high-quality urban gear will please even the most pampered pets!





Up Country

Up Country has classic and elegant accessories from collars to harnesses in all kinds of collections. We love working with pets and making them both comfortable and fashionable.



Posh Pooch offers the best foods for your pets. These meals are not only tasty but nutritional as well, ensuring your pet stays healthy as well as full. We have products from Dog Chewz NYC, Orijen, and more!

NEW at Posh Pooch, we are now carrying Acana, Tiki, and Sojos dog and cat foods.  Stop by for more information on these new pet foods. 

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods)

BARF is “The Place” for pet owners who are serious about their pet’s health. BARF takes special care of your pet’s nutrition and diet needs by creating a plan that’ll help them eat properly and live a longer life.






We are an award-winning, family-owned and operated Canadian pet food maker with a tradition of innovation & quality spanning more than a quarter century. We use fresh regional ingredients to produce Biologically Appropriate foods that promote the peak health of dogs & cats.






We proudly present Weruva, a luxurious natural pet food inspired by and named after our three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa.  With our search for “The Best Cat Food Under the Sun” never seeming to end, we gathered the best ingredients from around the world and created it ourselves.


Along with our healthy food items, we have a variety of delicious treats that’ll make your pets behave perfectly just to get more.  We have treats from Complete Natural Nutrition, K9 Granola Factory and more!

Dog Chewz NYC


DogChewz NYC has the most delicious organic wheat, corn, soy free dog treats and elegant accessories for the love of your life! We have been designing and manufacturing our products since 2003.





Complete Natural Nutrition

Unmistakably real treat solutions for all pets. These treats are all designed specifically for pets with health issues such as diabetes, overweight, allergies or restricted diets.  At Complete Natural Nutrition, we are certified with an animal nutritionist, ensuring your pet the world’s healthiest treats.





Free Range Dog Chews

Free Range Dog Chews manufactures and distributes free-range, all natural body part chew treats and other pet-related items to answer all of your pets’ savory taste needs.





K9 Granola Factory

We provide nutritious, healthy treats and supplements to ensure your pet’s longevity. We have created the original in pumpkin based dog treats that are both delicious and hearty.





Taxi’s Dog Bakery

At Taxi's Dog Bakery we have a specialty in decorative dog treats and fun cat goods to ensure in the happiness of both you and your pet.


Looking for toys or bedding to spice up your pet’s home lifestyle? At Posh Pooch we have products from OoMaLoo, Planet Dog, and many other companies to give your pet a fabulous place to live. We also have the highest quality products for taking care of your pets such as nutritional formulas and skin irritation treatments.


Brake-Fast dog food bowl's patented design prevents your dog from bolting their food. The simple obstructions make dogs slow down to eat and aggressive eaters will find the bowl sliding away.





OoMaLoo is a family owned and operated company specializing in unique handmade toys, bedding, and apparel for dogs.  All products are handmade with attention to detail, imagination, and quality with both whimsical and elegant results.  In particular, OoMaLoo is rapidly gaining nationwide recognition for its durable yet adorable toys that dogs love.  





Planet Dog

Since incorporating in 1997, we have been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.





Vet’s + Best

“Built on the notion that health is nurtured from the inside out, and the outside in.”  Vet’s + Best provides formulas and treatments that help take care of your pet’s health conditions, such as dry, flaky, itchy, raw skin irritations and much more.





"Antlerz are to puppies and young dogs as electronic sections in stores are to men...irresistible." Antlerz offers the best kind of chew toy for your pet; strong and lasting, these are the toys of your pet’s dreams.





Choke Free

Choke Free offers state-of-the-art in shoulder collars and PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter that are specially handcrafted and made in the USA.






With PlaqClnz you can freshen bad pet breath in 30 seconds and prevent oral health disease!

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